The Beginnings of Oia Swimwear

Trying to think of a name for a business is not as easy as it may seem. How do you pick something unique and meaningful but also catchy? What it really boils down to is: What are we passionate about? And the first thing that came to mind is traveling. Our first trip together was to the amazing country of Greece, mostly due to the fact that Greece, specifically Santorini, was the number 1 destination on my travel bucket list. I was in love with the white houses and blue roofs of the little island surrounding the ancient caldera (we even toyed with the name Caldera Swimwear).

During our visit to Santorini, we stayed in Oia. Oia is a smaller town at the end of the island known for having the best views of the sunset in the world. Our stay did not disappoint. In fact, it is now easily my favorite place in the world. The people, the food, the views are unreal. Even standing in front of the sunset with the perfect windmills and white houses in person is too good to be true. After some reminiscing on our experiences, we knew our company should be named after our favorite place: Oia.


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